Bibliothèque à Vila-real

Name of the project
Bibliothèque à Vila-real, Castellón, Espagne

Avda. Píus XII con calles José Ramón Batalla, María Rosa Molás y Consolación, Castellón


OAB - Carlos Ferrater

Peñín Arquitectos - Alberto Peñín

GyF - J.L. Gimenoo


J. Dolz (Engineer)

E. Mezquita, E. Fabregat (Quantity Surveyors)

Construction company
Becsa S.L.

Completion date


Built area

Alejo Bagué


The rectangular site (40x17) is oriented to the Northwest, located in between an important access to Vila-real and a school, above a preexisting parking with its exists and ventilations. The proposal that won the completion consists of a simple volume of 83x17m, two floors heigth, that provides a urban façade to the avenue, integrating those volumes, adapting itself to the existing structure, and  providing  a public space for the school, from which two vegetal slopes lift the building.

The access to the building is strategically placed at its 1/3 length, for its inner function and also for shortening the dimension of the façade and allowing a crossed access. The central atrium of the library gathers  circulations with the deployment of the main stair and the arrival of the different parking exists that through the façade interstice connect with the three structural cores.

The project proposes a series of functional spaces of different size but clear geometry, which allow different configurations for a flexible use, initially dedicated to reading, information and work. It will be able to contain 75.000 books and 275 reading spots. A precise and careful work with installations and ceilings has been made seeking integration and flexibility.

The façade, built with the local company Butech is made with prestressed steal bars covered by ceramic cylinders of 52mm diameter and 1m high, separated 19cm. It proposes a reinterpretation of Mediterranean culture from the use of high technology. It combines innovation with roots in the tradition of wooden pieces of many Mediterranean villages to build a pleasant light, temperature and acoustical filter through an intermediate space.

Opaque parts of the façade are covered by corrugated sheet panels, related with the exterior curtain. Inside areas are built with rough painted ceramic bricks and pavement with ceramic meshed pieces similar to the Mediterranean mosaics. The library becomes the innovative, dynamic and cultural image of the society and industrial ceramic sector of Vila-real.