Seniors Residence in Burjassot

Name of the project
Seniors Residence and San José Chapel in Burjassot

C( Valencia 34, Burjassot, Valencia, Spain


Peñín Arquitectos: Alberto Peñín, Pablo Peñín


Miquel Planas Roselló (Sculptor)

Alejandro Marqués, GIA S.L. (Structural engineering)

Juan Llobell, I. Alonso, VALNU S.L. (Facilities engineering)

Architecture team

Sergio Morant, architect

Instituto de Religiosas San José de Gerona

Construction company

Project date

Completion date

12.511.960,43 € without taxes

Built area

Diego Opazo


After building site selection, this residence is based on its urban and topographic conditions for raising a cloister scheme open to good orientation and embraces in U-shape by the bedrooms. A sequence from the outside is used to generate a public square open to the street that ends up surprisingly in a garden. The presence of natural light, the setting of rooms, the movement of the residents or the treating of the common areas, chapel and garden are the ascents of the project as it was designed for the welfare of its users.

The garden level is used for common areas around a typology of cloister that gives access to other spaces as the nun’s private courtyard or the same chapel that also reinforces this sequence from the public to the intimate in a descendent ramp that drives from the street to the private courtyard glimpsed behind the altarpiece. The presence of different kinds of lights, collaboration with the world of art and the care for detailing seek for the creation of a particular atmosphere.

The project proposes various dualities, from the coexistence of density with empty as the public with private, from the figurative to the abstract. This is conceived to dignify the care buildings and to socialize the contemporary architecture. The project claims for details, the small versus excess of the iconic and the conceptual.

The small manipulation of traditional habitudes allows certain structural achievements at reasonable cost. Membrane-structure fusion gets a good naturally energy behavior that uses the patio as natural regulation.