Housing at Alella

Name of the project
11 houses at Alella

17 Badalona Street


Peñín Arquitectos

Architecture team

Marta Gómez

Green City Ibérica

Completion date

1.628.147,72 €

Joan Guillamat


The program is developed on three levels, ground floor, first floor, and second floor in addition to the basement for parking.

Due to being an irregularly shaped plot, the built volume has an irregular trapezoid shape. The main façade, facing Barcelona Avenue, together with the southeast façade, forms an angle of 76º. The interior façade, facing the garden area with a pool, forms an angle of 135º with the North façade. The intersection between the main façade and the North façade will be curved.

The building consists of 3 volumes, with a total of 11 homes:

  • Volume A, northwest: 2 homes
  • Volume B, central: 6 homes
  • Volume C, southeast: 3 homes

This distinction allows us to work at different levels, as the plot has a very steep slope.

Pedestrian access to the plot will be from Badalona Avenue, at the northeast end of the plot, and access to the building will be through ramps or stairs, passing through a garden area and the pool.

Access to the homes is provided by two entrances located on the interior façade (northeast). Access 0 is located at an elevation of +98.95m (first floor), and from there one accesses the corresponding staircase 0. Access 1 is located at an elevation of +95.95m (ground floor), and from there one accesses the corresponding staircase 1. These stairs will serve to access the homes on the ground floor, first, and second floors, as well as the basement parking, and have a vestibule preceding them from the garden area and an elevator.

The plot's ground, besides the building, is occupied by a landscaped area with ramps and stairs, a communal-use pool, and private terraces accessible to homes 1, 3, 4, and 9.

Vehicular access to the underground parking is from Barcelona Avenue (nominal width 10m).

The basement has 17 open parking spaces, one of them for persons with reduced mobility. Additionally, we find staircases 0 and 1 providing access to the homes with their respective vestibules, 2 elevators, and 2 utility rooms with their respective vestibules and a meter room. In the basement, there are also 11 common-use storage rooms and 1 private storage room with a private staircase corresponding to home 1.

As there are no significant pre-existing tree elements, 5 trees of native species will be planted.