Pine House

Name of the project
Pine House - Single Family House in Serra

Urbanización Torre Portaceli, Serra


Alberto Peñín 


José Giménez (Facilities Engineer)

José Luis Giménez (Building Engineer)

Architecture team

Pablo Peñín Llobell and Sergio Morant (Peñín Arquitectos)

Barbara Gimeno Fernández, Verónica Furió Camarelles


Construction company
Construcciones Cogollos S.L.

Project date

Completion date

330.000€ PEC without taxes

Built area
355m2 + 970m2 site

Diego Opazo


The outskirts site of Valencia is treated globally through the use of successive and parallel to the façade, strips that look towards the good orientation. The sequence public-private, enriched by the topography describes the street, the green slope, the garage and the care beauty area, the pool and the garden. It finishes with the porch previous to the house, which entry is made by the side to avoid frontality. The interior uses the same mechanism, articulating in two strips the program. The public area with a double space and the private crossed by the dining room to reach the last exterior strip, private space that divides with the neighbour.

From the manipulation of concrete and continuous finishing traditional construction of the area, it is suggested an idea of lightness and absence. Concrete columns slimmer than the regulations (H steel profiles recovered), suppression of supports, treatment of continuous finishing as dry prefabricated panels and the use of filters, intermediate spaces and shadows, are the devices that together with the fluidity of the program reach those ambitions. It is wished an architecture and a nature that is lived with porosity and imbrications. Therefore there are established cross and adiabatic ventilations in every room. A traditional and heavy construction is transformed in a contemporary way to evoke modern pavilion architecture.